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Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay per click Marketing Services in Nairobi

Pay Per Click Marketing,Nairobi

Pay per click marketing services besides strategic internet marketing services including organic SEO services, search engine marketing has also gained popularity in kenya proving to be most effective in the Tours and travel Industry. Pay per click marketing (PPC) is also referred to as pay per click advertising or Cost per click. Pay per click marketing / Advertising is website promotion by means of placement of paid text announcements containing information about a product or the company so as to be able to sell to prospective clients online and in return it costs the client / advert owner. this method of online marketing is normally used to more quick and more accurate sales quicker that any form of online / internet marketing.

Why PPC ( Pay Per Click)
Drive qualified prospects to your website to increase your sales. Paid Search Marketing allows you to choose keywords you would like your site to appear for when a search is performed. Your message is typically shown at the top or to the right of the natural search results on the first page.
You pay a small amount if a qualified prospect clicks on your listing and connects to your site. Your message is displayed free, you only pay for clicks or site visitors.

Pay Per Click is now the most dominant form of online advertising. There has never been a better way to get your message out to people searching for your product or service! Studies show that marketers are shifting advertising spending at an increasing rate to pay-per-click budgets.

Google Adword Services in NairobiHow we Manage Pay Per Click
Ongoing monitoring and adjusting is necessary to ensure your bids achieve efficient and cost effective levels , Webwise does this through

  • Increase click through rate through increased relevance.
  • Target Ads to correct geographic locations.
  • Adjust campaign to maximize ROI
  • Write new ad copy to improve conversions
  • Decrease costs by eliminating non-converting clicks

Measuring Success through Tracking and Reporting

Measurement and analysis is critical to the success of your Guaranteed Placement campaign. These campaigns become more successful over time by applying the lessons learned. Careful analysis is done on a regular basis to determine:

  • What percent of your clicks are actually converting?
  • Which clicks are making you money and which are costing you money?
  • How important are impressions to your marketing objectives?

Reporting is EXTREMELY important . You need to know that your paid search management company is doing what they say they will, and in fact, is generating leads and ROI for you. SEP provides:

  • Detailed reports monthly, or even more frequently if requested
  • Full transparency about specifically which keywords are working, and which are not
  • Full transparency about click costs

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